Areas of Expertise Communication and marketing


Social media, newsletters, press releases, letters, adverts, training material, etc. Your choice of words and style matters. Word Illusio can translate your messages.


Would you like to advertise your products, your brand or company events in foreign languages? Our translators who specialise in the field of communication and marketing will provide you with a translation which is as good as the original. The translated text must not leave any doubt as to the quality and the message conveyed. Native speakers must receive a well-written document. The impact on international clients must be just as strong.
Technical translation is a different skill. In communication and marketing, it is not about knowing specific vocabulary but rather knowing how to manipulate and rework words, phrases and ideas. A translator specialising in marketing and communication is an excellent editor and must often use transcreation, i.e. adapting particular notions or expressions to the target market.

Your requirements may include :

  • Email and social media campaigns
  • Adverts, promotions
  • Newsletters and press releases
  • Flyers and presentational brochures
  • Packaging
  • Marketing brochures
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaires
  • Magazines, internal publications



Are you looking to expand your multilingual services or develop your business overseas?
Word Illusio will be by your side, helping you every step of the way!