Areas of Expertise Technical


Have you found an exceptional architect but he only speaks German? Word Illusio can assist you throughout your project by translating the designs, any written communication and the quote.
Have you just placed a multifunctional robot cooker on the market and you want to provide the instruction leaflet in all the European Union’s languages? Word Illusio can provide you with a one-stop service: from translation to DTP.


Technical translation covers many areas. It requires a lot of research and often precisely defined expertise. A glossary is also advisable and we ask our clients to provide reference documentation (already translated files, articles, internal glossaries, specific specifications in terms of style, abbreviations, punctuation, etc.).

Translators who work with Word Illusio often specialise in 2 or 3 subjects each and may have recognised expertise in one of those areas. For example, a translator may have worked as a mechanic or have held an engineering post with a company manufacturing automobile parts. These translators are highly valued for their specific knowledge of a given area of activity.

Your technical translation requirements may include :

  • Technical specifications for a household appliance or a user manual for an electronic appliance
  • Automobile technical specifications, designs, graphs
  • A technical assessment report
  • Civil engineering safety procedures
  • Sensitive aeronautics specifications and procedures
  • Building or bridge construction reports
  • Website for a manufacturer of electronic components
  • Translation of technical reports and communications



Are you looking to expand your multilingual services or develop your business overseas?
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